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Conveniently located in beautiful northern Baltimore County, the MDCC studio shares two stories of a beautiful historic building in the heart of Monkton, directly next to the NCR trail. 8 foot windows on all four sides of the building and 14 foot ceilings allow for beautiful natural light at all hours of the day. 

With a neutral palette and open concept rooms, the space can be transformed into whatever your heart desires. Rooms are divided into a meeting/office space (complete with fireplace & seating area), bedroom (complete with full bed, toddler bed, & decor), and ballroom (complete with grand fireplace, two chandeliers, dining area & kitchenette.)

The outdoor area provides plenty of texture; with stone and brick walls surrounding the building. The large backyard is perfect and peaceful on warm, sunny days. Across the street is also the historic Monkton Station, which backs up to a beautiful park surrounded by gardens and woods.

There are several parking spots on both sides of the building, as well as plenty of public parking across the street.

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